Friday, November 7, 2008

Naruto Shippuden 4th Opening Song- Closer by Inoue Joe 井上ジョー

This is Naruto Shippuden 4th Opening song.
Ooppss.... almost forgot this mp3 is Tv size only, wait until December for the Album and I'll post in here see you..........

Naruto Shippuden 4th Opening Song - CLOSER Inoue Joe 井上ジョー TV Size.Mp3
Tittle : CLOSER
Artist: 井上ジョー Inoue Joe
File: MP3
Size: 3.44 MB
Language: Japanese.

1 comment:

DarkenShadow said...

OMG Dattebaiyo is what naruto is called by sasuke in yoai comics!!!! >_<. Anywho, I just love Inoue Joe not just because his song Kaze No Gotoku is my theme song but just because he acts like me. really creepy but hey thats how leo people are very random & silly when you understand them. XP Yeah yeah I'm an Inoue Joe fangirl and he knows it to, but it's just fun talking to him. But i gotta go bye bye X)

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