Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Naruto vol. 40 chapter 369 and 370.

The last 2 chapter of Naruto vol. 40.
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Chapter 369 (16 pages) About Pain

Chapter 370 (16 pages) A Premonition

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Aluto 道 ~to you all (Re Upload)

Artist: Aluto
Album: Michi ~to you all~ / 道 ~to you all~ MP3
Track List:
01. Michi ~to you all~
02. Kaze to Tada Mae wo Mita
03. Haribote Tsumiki
04. Michi ~to you all~ (Violin Instrument)

Download MP3 here 16 MB

In this few days Aluto becomes my favorited Japanese Band, I like to listen to their song Michi ~ to you all~ and Kaze to Tada Mae wo Mita and I like their violin sound... and the vocalist voice....
so if you like Aluto, you can download their album Michi ~to you all~ mp3 files completed with the cover album, you can also read Michi ~to you all~ lyric when you play it using Windows Media Player, I Compressed it all in zip file so you can download from here. So, have fun and enjoy!!!

Naruto Chapter 368.

Naruto Chapter 368 "Reconnaissance" ( 17 pages)
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Monday, September 3, 2007

Claymore Volume 01 scene 02 (English)

Up up...this is Claymore Volume 01 scene 02
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